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12 Crescent Drive
Brielle, NJ 08730
Cell. 732-995-7879


Directions to JennyLee

Garden State Parkway to exit 98 Point Pleasant. Head onto Rt. 34 South. Continue on Rt. 34 South until it turns into Rt. 35 South, you will pass a large Shop Rite at Lakewood Road, continue on Rt. 35 until you see a traffic light for Higgons Ave. There is a sign for Bogan’s Basin, turn right at Higgons ave. into the Brielle business district. Take Higgons to Brielle Bait & Tackle and make a left onto Ashley, Take Ashley to the end and make a quick right and an immediate left onto Green Ave., you are in front of the Union Landing Restaurant. Take Green to the end to the draw bridge and make a right onto Brielle Road over the drawbridge. The second marina on your right is #371 Brielle Road, “Robinson’s Anchorage”